Insurance with Insight

Hendricks Insurance ‘Club 100’ is a discerning insurance broking business working with some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs, SMEs, and pre-eminent land owners.

Our Philosophy

Our objective has always been to deliver an unrivalled comprehensive service to a chosen number of clients. We have limited capacity and so we do not engage with new clients unless they have been personally introduced and they fulfil our own engagement standards – this enables us to maintain the rigorous high service standards that we set ourselves.


One Company

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What sets us apart?

  • We only ever engage with a maximum of 30 new selected clients each year.
  • We only work on an agreed ‘Professional Fee’ basis and do not receive “hidden commissions”!
  • We market every client portfolio every year to ensure competitive advantage.
  • We recommend clients tender their portfolio every three years against us. We prepare the tender document!
  • We have a unique client portal where clients have ‘real-time’ access to all their documents including any outstanding claims.

Engaging us

We offer an exclusive service for a restricted number of clients. We do not engage with new clients unless:

  • They are introduced by an existing client; and
  • They fulfil our engagement standards.