About Us


Our Story

Our story begins in a rather cold attic in Edinburgh in the 1980s… Our founder, Ritchie Sherret, had started his career with General Accident but soon tired of the corporate environment within which he found himself. Armed only with self-belief, an enduring sense of optimism and a part-time secretary, Ritchie established his first brokerage high above Castle Street. He had no clients!

Yet in time, the business grew. As the number of clients increased, so too did the number of partners and assistants. Before long, the business had outgrown that cold attic space and it soon moved to slightly warmer – and larger – premises. Bit by bit, the business continued to grow and a diversify into new areas, including wealth management.

In the early 2000s, with a young family in tow, Ritchie sold the brokerage to concentrate on other business interests. The siren song of the insurance industry however would prove too loud. In 2006, Ritchie established a boutique brokerage that serviced a small coterie of individuals and businesses. By 2012, the business had outgrown its humble origins and opened the second Hendricks office at the Stirling Agricultural Centre. It was at this time that Stewart Roxburgh – a friend of long-standing and a successful broker in his own right – joined the board.

And so to 2018 and the creation of Hendricks Club 100. The Club aims to fill a substantial gap in the market. A concierge-style service that is simply unrecognisable in todays’ crowded market.

Our Name

We’re often asked “Who is Hendricks?” Well, the answer may surprise you…

It was a warm May evening on the west coast of Scotland. Ritchie had surprised his wife with a romantic weekend away at the Turnberry Resort. It was a celebration of a milestone in one’s life (and that’s all we’re saying).

As they sat in the bar before supper, overlooking Arran and Ailsa Craig, their host for the evening suggested that they sample a new gin. It was – according to their host – very different to traditional gins and very much ‘on trend’ at the time. If we’re honest, it’s probably the only time that Ritchie has ever been ‘on trend’. With a little cajoling, they agreed to the suggestion. It was, after all, only gin. Admittedly, the cucumber in place of the lemon was a little bit ‘off trend’ for their tastes, but when in Rome and all that…

As they waited, their conversation turned to more serious issues. By some circuitous route, they discussed renaming the business. The existing name was no longer relevant and they were after something more, well, ‘on trend’. By now, their drinks had arrived and their introduction to Hendricks’ Gin was complete.

Over dinner (and a few more drinks), the name was settled upon. And the rest is history.


Our Partners

We have carefully selected our insurer partners and Lloyds syndicates with whom we work. Each insurer or underwriter has been carefully chosen for their security, specialist market sector underwriting experience, wide policy coverage and most importantly their claims service.

The selected underwriting panel will evolve and change just as the insurance market changes and we will continually strive to ensure we are getting the best mixture of coverage, competitiveness and claims service available.